Friday, September 15, 2006

Maplewood/Manchester Stop: Not Walmart, Olive Garden, Sams, Lowes

Lowes peaks across the horizon, but two fences, two tracks, then a long parking lot seperate us.

Maplewood/Manchester stop is NOT a Walmart, Sams, Lowes, Olive Garden, Red Lobster stop.

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Brentwood I-64 Stop: Dierberg's Walkway

[Picture 1] A long walkway on one side, just wide enough for two people, leading you to the back of the store. Note the truck bay.
[Picture 2] There are no walkways on the otherside. There is auto traffic.

Less than 50 feet seperate the platform from the main parking lot.

See also: Maplewood/Manchester: NOT Walmart, Sams, Lowes, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebees. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Four Ideas to Improve MetroLink

Here are four ideas for immediately improving MetroLink.

Vending Machines -
Much busier systems co-exist with vending machines and kiyosks. They make the platforms a more pleasant experience. MetroLink should adopt them.

Timers -
The trains run on a schedule; so a timer could countdown until the next train arrives. Instead, I stand and wait for the hissing sound - romatic, but not sufficient.

SmartCards Not Tickets -
Smart Cards are a better alternative. It will eliminate the need for ticket controllers, and will increase convience of boarding. Legacy system could be used for first time or one time riders.

Security Oriented Infrastructure -
Whelan security gaurds, even the armed ones, are hamstrung by the lack of high visibility, security conscious design. Without such visibility, crime can go undetected. Security features, especially overlayed on existing design, cost money; but feelings of insecurity means transit riders lost. Worse is when security paid for is less effective because of insecure design.

These are not novel ideas from an utopian future; this is how good systems are run. If St. Louis and Metro will stop seeing MetroLink as "buses on tracks" we CAN have a first rate system that everyone wants to use.

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